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Illinois Leadership Seminars is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization that exists to make a difference and teach life-long leadership skills to high school students in Illinois who demonstrate a spark of leadership. We encourage leadership development by:

Leaders participate in team-building activities, community service, a talent showcase, small group discussions; listen to motivational speakers and panels of key leaders from various industries and much more.

We encourage leadership development through emphasis on personal responsibility, volunteerism, increased awareness of social and community issues, and an open-minded analysis of all sides of an issue when making decisions.

ILS is accredited by the National Society for Youth Leadership (NSYL)


Upcoming Events

July Alumni Meeting, Elections, and Movie Night

Previous Events

ILS Summer Reunion

2017 ILS Flagship Seminar

Our Programs

Flagship Seminar

We pride ourselves on "Unleashing the Leadership Potential of Illinois Youth!" The flagship seminar is where that happens! We are proud to offer one sophomore student from every high school across the state of Illinois a free, three-day seminar to grow as a person, a leadder, and most importantly as themselves.



We wish every student in Illinois could experience our flagship seminar, we really do! Unfortunately, that would be impossible for us to pull off. We understand that there are other students who are just as qualified as the Leaders who attend our Flagship Seminar and we wanted to help them out! That's where the idea of an iLead (llinois Leadership Enhancement and Development) started!

An iLead is a one day seminar that is open to high school students of all grades (as opposed to our Flagship Seminar which is only open to sophomores). It is planned, staffed and ran by our alumni. That means that students who attend an iLead are getting the best experience possible; after all, if the people who are planning the iLead attended our Flagship Seminar, the iLead should resemble its content pretty closely!


Corporate Board

The Corporate Board is rresponsible for the overall policy, financial stability, and direction of the organization, and delegate responsibility of day-to-day operations to the staff and committees. Board members must be age twenty-one (21) or older. The board receives no compensation. All board member positions are eligible for re-election annually.


Chris "Hopper" Oehler



Angela Jos

Seminar Chair


Kristin Nickels

Co-Alumni Advisor


Amanda Lemm

Co-Alumni Advisor


Keith Donovan

NYSL Representative


John Bielski II, JD, CPA, MBA

Adviser to the Board


Heather Judd Fulara



Austin Walker



Kelly Haas

Gallup Representative

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